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Barriers and Microbiome

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107 Articles

  • Epithelial and sensory mechanisms of nasal hyperreactivity

    Velasco, E., Delicado-Miralles, M., Hellings, P.W., et al. Allergy. First published: 17 February 2022

  • A step closer to understanding the relationship between host and gut microbiota metabolism

    Barker-Tejeda, T., Zubeldia-Varela, E. and Obeso, D. Allergy. First published: 04 February 2022

  • Is epithelial barrier hypothesis the key to understanding the higher incidence and excess mortality during COVID-19 pandemic? - The case of Northern Italy

    Fiorito, S., Soligo, M., Gao, Y., Ogulur, I., Akdis, C.A. and Bonini, S. Allergy. First published: 31 January 2022

  • Epigenetic regulation of epithelial dectin-1 through an IL-33-STAT3 axis in allergic disease

    Yong, H.M., Gour, N., Sharma, D., et al. Allergy. 2022; 77: 207– 217

  • Immune-epithelial barrier interactions mediate intestinal adaptation to diverse diets

    Avino, G., Riggioni, C. and Comberiati, P. Allergy. First published: 12 November 2021

  • Epithelial barrier dysfunction in ocular Allergy

    Singh, N, Diebold, Y, Sahu, SK, Leonardi, A. Allergy. First published: 10 November 2021

  • Impaired skin barrier and allergic sensitization in early infancy

    Wärnberg Gerdin, S, Lie, A, Asarnoj, A, et al. Allergy. First published: 05 November 2021

  • Predicting the recurrence of chronic rhinosinusitis with nasal polyps using nasal microbiota

    Zhao, Y, Chen, J, Hao, Y, et al. Allergy. First published: 04 November 2021

  • Bacteriotherapy with human skin commensals in atopic dermatitis

    Castillo-González, R., Fernández-Delgado, I. and Comberiati, P. Allergy. First published: 28 October 2021

  • Increased circulating CRTH2(+)Tregs are associated with asthma control and exacerbation

    Chantveerawong, T., Sangkangjanavanich, S., Chiewchalermsri, C., et al. Allergy. First published: 22 October 2021

  • Butyrate and propionate restore interleukin 13-compromised esophageal epithelial barrier function

    Kleuskens, MTA, Haasnoot, ML, Herpers, BM, et al. Allergy. First published: 30 August 2021

  • Early intervention and prevention of allergic diseases

    Brough, H., Lanser, B.J., Sindher, S.B., et al. Allergy. First published: 13 July 2021

  • Association between mucosal barrier disruption by pseudomonas aeruginosa exoproteins and asthma in patients with chronic rhinosinusitis

    Tuli, J.F., Ramezanpour, M., Cooksley, C., Psaltis, A.J., Wormald, P.-J. and Vreugde, S. Allergy. First published: 25 May 2021

  • ACE2 downregulation in olfactory mucosa: eosinophilic rhinosinusitis as COVID-19 protective factor?

    Marin, C., Tubita, V., Langdon, C. et al. Allergy. First published: 13 May 2021

  • The epithelial barrier hypothesis: a 20-year journey

    Pat, Y. and Ogulur, I. Allergy. First published: 12 May 2021

  • Immunological resilience and biodiversity for prevention of allergic diseases and asthma

    Haahtela, T., Alenius, H., Lehtimäki, J., et al. Allergy. First published: 06 May 2021

  • Electrical impedance spectroscopy for the characterization of skin barrier in atopic dermatitis

    Rinaldi, A.O., Korsfeldt, A., Ward, S. et al. Allergy. First published: 08 April 2021

  • A new era of atopic eczema research: Advances and highlights

    Hülpüsch, C, Weins, AB, Traidl-Hoffmann, C, Reiger, M. Allergy. 2021; 76: 3408-3421

  • Dangerous liaisons: Bacteria, antimicrobial therapies, and allergic diseases

    Tramper-Stranders, G, Ambrożej, D, Arcolaci, A, et al. Allergy. 2021; 76: 3276– 3291

  • Metagenomic analysis of the conjunctival bacterial and fungal microbiome in vernal keratoconjunctivitis

    Leonardi, A., Modugno, R.L., Cavarzeran, F. and Rosani, U. Allergy. 2021; 76: 3215-3217

  • Direct assessment of individual skin barrier components by electrical impedance spectroscopy

    Mannweiler, R., Bergmann, S., Vidal-y-Sy, S., Brandner, J.M. and Günzel, D. Allergy. 2021; 76: 3094-3106

  • An integrated scalp and blood biomarker approach suggeststhe systemic nature of alopecia areata

    Glickman, J.W., Dubin, C., Dahabreh, D., et al. Allergy. 2021; 76: 3053-3065

  • Eczema herpeticum in atopic dermatitis

    Traidl, S., Roesner, L., Zeitvogel, J. and Werfel, T. Allergy. 2021; 76: 3017-3027

  • Time matters: the circadian rhythm in intestinal homeostasis and food allergy

    Koidl, L., Rohrhofer, J. and Untersmayr, E. Allergy. 2021; 76: 2931-2933

  • Decreased butyric acid-producing bacteria in gut microbiota of children with egg allergy

    Yamagishi, M., Akagawa, S., Akagawa, Y., et al.Allergy.2021; 76: 2279-2282

  • Role of salivary microbiome in IL-10 production and efficacy of sublingual immunotherapy

    Oka, A., Kidoguchi, M., Kariya, S., et al.Allergy.2021; 76: 2617-2620

  • Uncovering the immunological properties of isolated lymphoid follicles

    Obeso, D., Zubeldia-Varela, E. and Villaseñor, A. Allergy.2021; 76: 2306-2308

  • MicroRNA-29s suppressed both soluble ST2 release and IFNAR1 expression in human bronchial epithelial cells

    Igarashi, A., Matsumoto, K. and Matsuda, A.Allergy.2021; 76: 2264-2267

  • Inhibition of CpG methylation improves the barrier integrity of bronchial epithelial cells in asthma

    Wawrzyniak, P., Krawczyk, K., Acharya, S., et al. Allergy.2021; 76: 1864-1868.

  • A murine model of eosinophilic chronic rhinosinusitis using the topical application of a vitamin D3 analog

    Kagoya, R, Kondo, K, Kishimoto-Urata, M, et al. Allergy. 2021; 76: 1432– 1442

  • Butyrate as a bioactive human milk protective component against food allergy

    Paparo, L, Nocerino, R, Ciaglia, E, et al. Allergy. 2021; 76: 1398– 1415

  • Microbial and transcriptional differences elucidate atopic dermatitis heterogeneity across skin sites

    Ottman, N, Barrientos-Somarribas, M, Fyhrquist, N, et al. Allergy. 2021; 76: 1173– 1187

  • Interplay between skin microbiota and immunity in atopic individuals

    Riskumäki, M., Tessas, I., Ottman, N., et al.Allergy.2021; 76: 1280-1284

  • Dupilumab reduces inflammation and restores the skin barrier in patients with atopic dermatitis

    Rohner, M.H., Thormann, K., Cazzaniga, S., et al. Allergy.2021; 76: 1268-1270

  • Increased diversity of gut microbiota during active oral immunotherapy in peanut-allergic adults

    He, Z., Vadali, V.G., Szabady, R.L., et al.Allergy.2021; 76: 927-930

  • Impact of diet and the bacterial microbiome on the mucous barrier and immune disorders

    Alemao, CA, Budden, KF, Gomez, HM, et al. Allergy. 2021; 76: 714– 734

  • Characterization of conjunctival microbiome dysbiosis associated with allergic conjunctivitis

    Liang, Q., Li, J., Zhang, S., et al. Allergy.2021; 76: 596-600

  • Thinking small: Zinc sensing by the gut epithelium

    Fernández-Gallego N., Sánchez-Madrid, F. and Jimenez-Saiz, R. Allergy. 2021; 76: 411-413

  • Tape strips from early-onset pediatric atopic dermatitis highlight disease abnormalities in nonlesional skin

    Pavel A. B., Renert- Yuval, Y., Wu, J., et al. Allergy. 2021; 76: 314- 325

  • ST2 expression and release by the bronchial epithelium is downregulated in asthma

    Kaur, D, Chachi, L, Gomez, E, et al. Allergy. 2020; 75: 3184– 3194

  • Advances and novel developments in mechanisms of allergic inflammation

    Han, X, Krempski, JW, Nadeau, K. et al. Allergy. 2020; 75: 3100– 3111

  • Skin pH–dependent Staphylococcus aureus abundance as predictor for increasing atopic dermatitis severity

    Hülpüsch, C, Tremmel, K, Hammel, G, et al. Allergy. 2020; 75: 2888– 2898

  • The neuroimmunological toll of nutrient absorption

    De Palma, G., Caminero, A. and Jiménez-Saiz, R. Allergy. 2020; 75: 2415-2417

  • Contrasting microbiotas between Finnish and Estonian infants: Exposure to Acinetobacter may contribute to the allergy gap

    Ruokolainen, L, Parkkola, A, Karkman, A, et al. Allergy. 2020; 75: 2342– 2351

  • Human airway epithelial cells express a functional IL-5 receptor

    Barretto, K.T., Brockman-Schneider, R.A., Kuipers, I., et al. Allergy.2020; 75: 2127-2130

  • Mining the infant gut microbiota for therapeutic targets against atopic disease

    Boutin, R.C.T., Sbihi, H., Dsouza, M., et al.Allergy.2020; 75: 2065-2068

  • ORMDL3 but not neighboring 17q21 gene LRRC3C is expressed in human lungs and lung cells of asthmatics

    Hur, G.Y., Pham, A., Miller, M., et al. Allergy.2020; 75: 2061-2065

  • The international sinonasal microbiome study: A multicentre, multinational characterization of sinonasal bacterial ecology

    Paramasivan, S, Bassiouni, A, Shiffer, A, et al. Allergy. 2020; 75: 2037– 2049

  • Antibiotic use during pregnancy increases offspring asthma severity in a dose-dependent manner

    Alhasan, MM, Cait, AM, Heimesaat, MM, et al. Allergy. 2020; 75: 1979– 1990

  • Epithelial cell dysfunction, a major driver of asthma development

    Heijink, IH, Kuchibhotla, VNS, Roffel, MP, et al. Allergy. 2020; 75: 1902– 1917

  • Comel-Netherton syndrome: A local skin barrier defect in the absence of an underlying systemic immunodeficiency

    Stuvel, K, Heeringa, JJ, Dalm, VASH, et al. Allergy. 2020; 75: 1710– 1720

  • Gut microbiota in wheezing preschool children and the association with childhood asthma

    Bannier, M.A.G.E., van Best, N., Bervoets, L., Savelkoul, P.H.M., et al. Allergy.2020; 75: 1473-1476

  • Effects of cryopreservation on antiviral responses of primary airway epithelial cells

    Taka, S., Nikopoulou, C., Polyzos, A., et al. Allergy.2020; 75: 1486-1489

  • Colony-stimulating factor 1 and its receptor are new potential therapeutic targets for allergic asthma

    Moon, H-G, Kim, S-J, Lee, MK, et al. Allergy. 2020; 75: 357– 369

  • Human airway epithelial extracellular vesicle miRNA signature is altered upon asthma development

    Bartel, S, La Grutta, S, Cilluffo, G, et al. Allergy. 2020; 75: 346– 356

  • Postnatal probiotics and allergic disease in very preterm infants: Sub-study to the ProPrems randomized trial

    Plummer, EL, Chebar Lozinsky, A, Tobin, JM, et al. Allergy. 2020; 75: 127– 136

  • Markers of microbial exposure lower the incidence of atopic dermatitis

    Chatenoud, L, Bertuccio, P, Turati, F, et al. Allergy. 2020; 75: 104– 115

  • The exposome in atopic dermatitis

    Stefanovic, N, Flohr, C, Irvine, AD. Allergy. 2020; 75: 63– 74

  • Toll-like receptor 2 stimulation augments esophageal barrier integrity

    Ruffner, MA, Song, L, Maurer, K, et al. Allergy. 2019; 74: 2449– 2460

  • Direct assessment of skin epithelial barrier by electrical impedance spectroscopy

    Rinaldi, AO, Morita, H, Wawrzyniak, P, et al. Allergy. 2019; 74: 1934– 1944

  • Spontaneous atopic dermatitis in mice with a defective skin barrier is independent of ILC2 and mediated by IL-1β

    Schwartz, C, Moran, T, Saunders, SP, et al. Allergy. 2019; 74: 1920– 1933

  • Mast cell chymase impairs bronchial epithelium integrity by degrading cell junction molecules of epithelial cells

    Zhou, X, Wei, T, Cox, CW, Jiang, Y, Roche, WR, Walls, AF. Allergy. 2019; 74: 1266– 1276

  • High levels of butyrate and propionate in early life are associated with protection against atopy

    Roduit, C, Frei, R, Ferstl, R, et al. Allergy. 2019; 74: 799- 809