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EAACI JMs come from all corners of the globe, and have been making significant contributions to the field of allergy. Read about some of their accolades here!

Meet a New JM Representative

Today we get to spend some time with Dr. Leticia De las Vecillas, the new elected JM Representative of the Allergy Diagnosis & Systems Medicine IG.

Dr. De las Vecillas was trained as allergist at Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital (HUMV) in Santander (Spain). Her training included two internships at Gregorio Marañón University Hospital in Madrid (Spain). Right after, she joined the Brigham and Women’s Hospital (Boston, MA), where she participated in patient desensitization to drugs and performed basic research on mast cell desensitization via the human receptor FcεRI.

Dr. De las Vecillas is currently a clinician-scientist at HUMV. Here she leads the Drug Desensitization program and an immunology group focused on drug diagnostic tests and new biomarkers in patients undergoing desensitization. In addition, she is completing her PhD training on Anisakis simplex allergy.
Image: Dr. Leticia De las Vecillas, new JM Representative of the Allergy Diagnosis & Systems Medicine IG.
Image: Marqués de Valdecilla University Hospital (HUMV) in Santander (Spain).
Image: Dr. De las Vecillas with her colleagues at HUMV.

Time Travel!

Let’s travel in time, back to the year 2001!

Who was part of the JMA board chaired by Susanna Olsson from 2001-2003? What kind of professional endeavours were taken by this line-up of JMs since then?

Well, here are some facts that you may find interesting:

- Iona Agache, our past EAACI President, was the Webmaster, and Stefano del Giacco, our current EAACI VP Education & Specialty, was the Immunology Section Representative.

- A young postdoctoral fellow that later would shake the field of immunology with seminal discoveries was the Asthma Section Representative. Can you guess who? You may have read his recent publication on Charcot-Leyden crystals... And he is a full professor at Ghent University (Belgium), like Philippe Gevaert, the ENT Section Representative at the time.

- The Dermatology Section Representative, Ulrike Raap, kept her scientific interests and is currently the Head of the Experimental Allergology and Immunodermatology Division at Oldenburg University (Germany). Likewise, Katharina Blumchen, the Pediatric Section Representative, is now affiliated with the Dept. of Children and Adolescent Medicine at the University Hospital Frankfurt (Germany).

Given that the JMs represent the future of EAACI, it is certainly encouraging to see that many of the leaders in the field that we now look up to, were once, not that long ago, part of the JMA.

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